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Many Deals is a new generation service that is an integral part of the Indigo Ecosystem.
The advantage for suppliers and manufacturers is that the system provides a flow of relevant orders processed by the system, based on an analysis of the goods supplied by the supplier and manufacturer. That is, the supplier will receive an order only for the products that he supplies, and he will not have to spend time proofreading and sorting a large specification. Moreover, the system can automatically, using AI, tell the manager which products from the price list are suitable for the order, reducing processing time.

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Sales increase
Clients as a gift

Smart selection
products from the price list to the order.

Automatic formation
accounts and CP
to order in the form

Storage of accounts and quotations with binding
to prices and suppliers.

Analytics on paid
positions in the price list and

Integration with marketplaces
and other
applications and programs!

Choose for yourself
optimal conditions

Subscription “STANDARD”

Receiving relevant orders from buyers with complete information: contacts, region and name of objects

Consolidation of price lists from all manufacturers into a single list of products

Automatic markup setting

Automatic profit calculation

Automatic distribution of the price list to customers according to the specified parameters

Subscription “FAST ACCOUNT”

Intelligent selection of products from the price list to the order

Automatic generation of an invoice and a quotation for an order according to the form of organization

Storage of invoices and quotations with reference to the price list and suppliers

Analytics on paid items in the price list and manufacturers

Integration with other applications and programs

Setting up a system for deduplication, calculating balances from different suppliers or at different warehouses, individual selection of goods, taking into account the names - individually.

Creation of an ontological data model for your products for accurate selection*

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